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Hiring the most pro-efficient mold inspection and testing company in Florida should be a positive and hassle-free experience now because Mold and Environmental are here to tackle your mold problems.


Mold and Environmental is an authorized, licensed, and insured mold remediation company. We inspect and remove molds in all types of buildings, whether residential or commercial. Our company has all the licenses and equipment required to perform mold inspection and testing in Florida.

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Mold Testing in Florida


Mold is a type of fungus that grows in damp and humid places. It can be found anywhere from your bathroom to your kitchen. Mold can trigger asthma and cause allergies and other respiratory problems.

Causes of Mold

The most important step in mold inspection is to find out the actual causes leading to the formation of molds. Molds are tiny spores that proliferate, and it is essential to take action against them so your home remains clean and a healthy place to live in.


 Moisture is one of the major causes that lead to mold growth. Not only is standing water the reason for moisture, but the drops dripping from the ceiling or on top of the roof can also cause moisture. Bathrooms are the home to moisture. Leakage in water pipes can also lead to moisture.

In fact, moisture is one of the primary causes of mold growth.

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Food Source

Like any living thing, mold species also require food sources to survive and reproduce. Although removing all food sources is not possible, all you can do is clean the place where there are more food sources to avoid the growth of molds.

Absence of Sunlight

There are ultraviolet rays in natural sunlight, which lead to the destruction of the cellular structure of molds. Direct exposure to sunlight prevents mold growth.

Artificial lighting does not have as much intensity as that direct sunlight, so mold growth cannot be controlled by it. Florescent light bulbs or another indoor lighting like candle lights cannot lessen the dampness of the place; hence the molds find more room to grow in humid and damp locations. For this reason, you will see more molds in your house’s basement, closets, or other less-light areas.


Mold spores are microscopic and can travel through the air. They are mostly found outdoors, but they can grow indoors as well. Factors such as moisture and humidity levels, warm atmosphere, food sources, and ventilation also play a role in the growth of mold spores.

Mold testing in Florida

Mold testing is a crucial part of any mold remediation project. It helps to identify the type of mold and where it is located, which will help with the remediation process so that the right steps can be taken to remove it. Mold testing should be done before any other steps are taken, such as removal or containment.

The most important thing about mold testing is identifying what kind of mold you are dealing with. If you have a large area of mold growth, then you need to have a professional come in and do a thorough inspection before attempting to remove it yourself. Our company provides professionals who can make your work easy in mold testing. All you need to do is to contact us, and our team will approach you.

Steps in mold testing

Mold testing includes several steps:

  • Identification of mold location

The first step in testing for mold is to identify the location of the mold. Inspecting all damp surfaces for signs of mold growth is essential. Our experts look for any possible place where mold can grow. We don’t leave any corner of your house unchecked.

  • Collection of mold samples

The second step in testing for mold is to collect samples from suspected locations and send them off to a laboratory for analysis. You should not try to remove any suspected mold because it can cause allergic reactions or respiratory problems to whoever comes in contact.

For this, a professional mold removal service provider can be hired, and you should leave the cleanup to them. We are here to get you out of this problem. Our experts collect the samples with utmost care and send them to our lab experts for further analysis. Once the lab report comes, the mold remediators will carry on the remediation process.


The last step would be to remove the mold from your home as soon as possible! It is vital to get a complete inspection done by a professional inspector before starting any mold removal process. Our mission is to remove mold from your property and stop it from ever growing back.

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