About Author and Owner

Mauricio Gutierrez is the owner of Mold and Environmental and is a senior Mold Inspector and Remediator. He has been providing professional mold inspection, testing, removal, and remediation services in Florida for around 10+ years. Not only this, but he has enough expertise in providing water damage restoration services in nearby areas in South Florida, including Fort Pierce, Port St. Lucie, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. With a recent and transparent record of 10+ years providing efficient services in this field, Mauricio has become a leading mold inspector in the South Florida region. His commitment and primary aim is to provide the best and most efficient services.

His recent work and dedication have made Mold and Environmental a one-stop solution for those people and businesses who are looking to resolve their mold-related concerns. Mauricio’s expertise and professionalism in mold inspection and testing are a reflection of his leading approach. Mauricio Gutierrez always focuses on providing satisfactory and on-demand services. He has the ability to identify and assess mold-related issues. He makes sure that every client gets reliable results by making their services available.

Mauricio expands his expertise in water damage restoration. His quality work and dedicated team combine together to resolve all kinds of mold growth and water-related issues. Mauricio and his team of experts not only address existing issues. However, they also work proactively to prevent potential complications. A client-centric approach is his top-most priority. He understands the concerns associated with mold issues and makes sure that he provides smooth communication and customized solutions.

Mauricio’s skill and knowledge set extends beyond mold-related services. He follows high-end solutions by using the latest technology tools to provide water damage restoration. Before providing these services, he understands the nature of mold growth and water damage. He uses his expertise to address not only existing issues but also He makes sure to prevent future complications stemming from water-related challenges.