Mold Inspection and Testing 

    A typical air pollution problem in Florida is due to mold. Mold can cause environmental damage as well as health issues. The best way to conduct an advanced mold inspection is to hire a professional. A skilled team of experts can help you accurately test molds whether you have a plumbing leak, a smelly attic, or water damage.

    Mold and Environmental can provide the proper assistance to inspect and remove mold from your property. Our mold specialists can provide all-in-one mold inspection services in Florida.

    We guarantee the best mold inspection services for the best solutions thanks to our years of experience and high-tech equipment.

    Advanced mold detection and inspection: what is it?

    The professionals like Mold and Environmental use different techniques to detect mold growth in a given area. Humidity and dampness are ideal conditions for mold growth. Identifying mold growth requires advanced technological tools and expert advice. Multiple air testing gadgets are required to inspect and remediate mold effectively, and certified expert supervision is required.

    What is the process?

    Our team will arrive at your doorstep in no time after we receive your call. A certified specialist from our company will inspect the property and the area affected by molds. With advanced thermal imaging technology, you can get a detailed visual assessment. This technique helps locate molds quickly so that they can be inspected. Our advanced affiliated laboratories test the mold sample taken from the infected area and analyze them thoroughly.

    A detailed report will provide the results and recommendations of our skilled inspectors’ indoor quality testing and an advanced mold inspection. We offer licensed services to ensure complete mold removal and reasonable suggestions for preventing future mold attacks. We assure our clients that our work is safe, high-quality, and licensed throughout Florida.

    Our inspection services are affordable with high-tech solutions as we prioritize our customers’ well-being. Clients can get a free on-call consultation to discuss mold growth. We use advanced technology equipment to eradicate mold growth from your home when we reach the affected property.


    In which areas do we inspect?

    We start by inspecting the entire property for mold traces. A visual inspection can find the source of mold growth. We test your ceiling, floor, attic, store, walls, basement, and under your bed for mold. Regardless of where the hidden mold is hiding, our specialists will help! Check homes, offices, stores, warehouses, damp storage rooms, or other residential areas. Tell us what you want, and we’ll help.

    7 alarming situations that need an immediate mold inspection:

    It is tough to see mold visually in an attic. Mold growth can only be resolved by property inspection. Here are seven alarming situations:

    1. Humidity and dampness

    A damp location increases the chances of mold growth. Microspores make up mold. When wet and humid, these spores germinate rapidly. Your building should be checked if it is in a damp location.

    1. Leaks and seepage

    The most important causes of mold growth are plumbing leaks and water seepages. With water flooding, mold reproduction multiplies if your ceiling leaks and mold growth in a damp area is high.

    1. Foul smell constantly

    Despite not always being visible, mold can be detected by its funny, musty smell. A few feet away, you can smell the distinctive odor of mold. Sensitive people may develop allergies after inhaling mold spores.

    1. Respiratory diseases

    Mold exposure often results in respiratory diseases. Sneezing, wheezing, coughing, skin rashes, itching, sinusitis, and shortness of breath can result from mold exposure. Molds can cause severe respiratory problems in people with asthma.

    1. Visible mold growth

    Some molds can be seen with the naked eye. For immediate mold removal, call Mold and Environmental if you see slimy, rusty fungus. Mold comes in green, blue, yellow, black, and even a combination of colors. Be quick to take action if mold is growing near you.

    1. Building or residence

    People tend to ignore the hazards of living in old buildings and flats. Several mold spots are hidden in the region because old buildings aren’t tested for mold. An inspection of mold is required before moving into a previously used residence.

    1. New land purchase

    Buying a new property or house requires a mold inspection. People must ask professionals to conduct mold testing before buying any property. Make sure your new home is safe for your family before you buy.

    The symptoms listed above should be reported to an expert immediately. Mold and Environmental help create mold-free environments and clean air. We provide moldless solutions to your family or coworkers and take responsibility for their safety.

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